The Merriest Christmas and Here’s to a Prosperous New Year!

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Hey Guys!  I know it’s late but Merry Christmas!  I had such an amazing Christmas that there are no words for how exciting it was.  I am also so grateful for you, my home-based business family.  I love this time of year because it really humbles and reminds you of the many blessings that has been given us.  Not just in things but the relationships and life experiences.  2013 has been quite a roller coaster but I am sooo grateful for every experience.  I’ve learned so much and I’ve gained just as much.  I began my journey as a new entrepreneur, started my blog, and I’m seeing new changes coming even as the new year is coming in.  Great changes!

As we end this year, I want to encourage you all to take the next step in your business.  Don’t settle for “the dream” or idea of having a prosperous business but claim your success by going out there and doing what you need to do to obtain it.  Go get your vision and make it a reality!  Yes, go back to dreaming again, just as we used to as children.  But you have been given the power to put forth the action.  One of my favorite quotes is, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”.  If you see yourself being whatever that definition of success is, then you can have it.  It’s all up to you.  But “faith without works is dead”… you can have the most brilliant ideas, the strongest drive, or the greatest intent but without the action to go along with it, they could easily go to waste.

So for 2014, write those goals, create a plan of action and make it THE year that you stop talking a good game and live it!  Start 2014 off with a new mindset and an organized lifestyle….

… I’ll be waiting for you at the starting line.

Here’s to a Prosperous 2014 and many new, great home-based business organizing tips coming!

P.S. We’re really enjoying our family’s Christmas gift this year… welcome the new addition!…

Christmas 2013

– Sy


Friday’s Inspired Space for the Home-based Business Owner!


Today’s inspired home-based business space comes by way of  It’s a contemporary office design by Amy Cuker.  One of the main elements of a space, besides organization (a biggie for me), is color.  I am so inspired by bright colors/tones.  Color tends to instantly affect my mood or my spirit in a positive way.  That is why I believe I’ve become so attracted to bright colors over the past couple of years.  Prior to then, you could not pay me to consider anything brighter than a neutral tone.  But I’ve become more open to try new, exciting things.  I’ve noticeably embraced new interests.  I’m not completely certain of what provoked the change but I’m enjoying the ride.  Change can absolutely be a great thing.  Today’s tip… consider incorporating color into your life.  Not only can it brighten up your space but it can brighten your mood throughout your business day.  You’d be pleasantly surprised at how even little accents of color can affect your attitude.  Think about the affect it has on you when you enter one of your favorite retail stores.  The colors, the textures… it’s such a great experience.  So become inspired by color to create a new space for the new year.

Well, guys, enjoy this weekend.  Take it easy out there this weekend as you’re finalizing your Christmas shopping.  Remember the true meaning of the season and prepare for the new year with a new mindset and a newly organized space to match.

– Sy

The Most clever last minute Christmas shopping gifts…

So my plan was to post a Christmas shopping post earlier this week but due to the circumstances regarding my truck, I did not have time to focus on completing the post by the Monday deadline so I am giving you an abbreviated version of what I had.

So it’s that time of year again!  I always get excited when it comes to giving.  It’s the final week before Christmas so what are some great shopping ideas?  Well I’m one of those people who enjoys giving and receiving unique and fun gifts that also have a practical element to them.  I’ve completed about half of my shopping so in the process of looking, I’ve found some great ideas to satisfy the people on your list:

For the Eco-chic… have a person on your list that has a passion for preserving the planet or a specific cause.  How about a donation on their behalf to a non-profit of their choice? Or what about a homemade gift?  Or how about this…


This wall clock, by, is a great gift option.  It’s made from upcycled computer and bike parts.  An awesome conversation piece, it’s sure to bring a smile and a touch of style.  Hipcycle offers gift certificates so you can also give your giftee an option to choose from one of the many other cool products the site has to offer.

Give the gift of organization to your super-organized loved one…


I thought this dry erase wall decal by WallPops was clever and fun.  Need to write a reminder? Working on that menu for the week?  Any person whose serious about organization will appreciate this.


While you’re at it, check out the Red Hot Dots, also by WallPops.  Organization with a touch of style!


Another great option for the organized person on your list is the Split Stick USB drive by Quirky.  This product is genius! It gives them the ability to separate personal files from business files, all on this double-sided drive stick.  How cool is that?!

For the Fashion/Beauty Guru…


Now this item is one of my favorites.  I wanted to post this one earlier this week when they were available but now they are no longer available but I had to share it anyway.  This is the Shay Geyer’s 3-Pc Hadley box set that was available on  A box set like this is a great decorative option for storing items like clothing, make-up, and accessories.  It is also a nice option for paperwork, files, and office supplies for those who don’t have much desk storage.  So if you can score one, or one like it, then thumbs up.

For the College Student/The person renting a small space…


How about this wall storage option?  These are great options for the dorm room to the apartment.  Die-cut from 100% cardboard, they provide the perfect solution for things like school supplies, tools… all types of personal items.

For the techie…


This is an absolute must-have on my list.  It’s a cord organizer by Cord Buddy.  Your techie will love this item to accommodate all of the devices in their life.  I know I get tired of trying to search for the cords to my phone and tablet on the floor when I’m in the dark or among the many cords in my surge protector.  There’s the option of the Basic Cord organizer, the Sports Pack, and the Lighted organizer (pictured above). It secures yet separates up to three cords while allowing you to locate the organizer while in a dark room.

For the Kiddies… and the Big Kiddies…


These storage heads are great for your little ones who enjoy those tiny little pieces that always manage to end up under your furniture… or your feet (ouch!).

And finally, how about a little something-something for yourself…


I really like this thermal tote by the Thirty-One company.  It’s a great solution for transporting food/drink items to the park with the kids or for a lunch break with a potential client.  You can’t go wrong with this one.  The totes come in a number of different styles.


And finally, treat yourself to more snooze time with this clever and hilarious product by Trademark Global – the Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock.  How fun is this?  Just set your desired wake time with this 12-hour clock and record your wake up message.  But think again if you want to get those extra minutes of sleep.  Set it to hard mode and you’ll have to shoot the target five times to get those extra five minutes.  Luckily, practice makes you perfect in the game mode.

Well, I hope you enjoy any of these clever Christmas items for the people in your life.  I’m sure they’ll be pleasing just as they are useful.

– Sy

Update for the week so far…

Hey, guys.  I know that I’ve been M.I.A. so far this week but it’s been quite an interesting one.  This past Sunday evening, on my way to pick my children up after having dinner with friends, my truck caught fire.  However, thank God my family and I got out safely.  As you could imagine, I was in shock but I was just glad that everyone was fine.  Apparently, it was an electrical fire that started in one of my tail lights.  My truck was 13 years old but gave us very little problems.  However, there were no warning signs that prepared us for what happened, so, of course, it was quite a scare as everything unfolded.  The crazy thing is I just finished paying it off earlier this year and I was very comfortable with being car-note free.  Most of the people I’ve told this too says that seems to be the case whenever you pay a vehicle off – you can almost expect something mechanical to go wrong with it.  I’m starting to believe that.  Anyway, thank God for full-coverage insurance so by Monday morning my insurance company had already set me up with a rental car and an adjuster to come out this Friday.  It’s not too bad but I’ll know the verdict by then.  The damage could have definitely been worse but it was still pretty bad (as you can see in the pic below).  It started in the tail light on the driver’s side and quickly developed to flames that spread over to the side of the truck near the gas tank.  I was soooo nervous and prayed that the fire department would get there before any explosion occurred and they did.  The only explosion was when the side window shattered but nothing beyond that.


So that is what’s held my posts up this week but there will be a post following this one as well as one tomorrow and Friday.  Thanks for your patience and if you believe in prayer, send one up for myself and my family.

Until the next post…

– Sy

Friday’s Inspired Home-based Business Spaces

Happy Friday!  Every week I’ll choose a space related to home-based business that really inspires me and I hope that it will inspire you to conjure up some amazing ideas for your home-based business space.  I’ll highlight some of the great features in each space and provide mini-tips on how you can incorporate them as well.  So enjoy your weekend, guys!  It’s been an awesome week.  I hope that you enjoyed all of tips so far and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Today’s inspired space:

BHG inspired office space

Today’s inspired space comes from Better Homes & Gardens.  It’s a multipurpose work station.  I love this space and used it as inspiration for one of my clients.  I was left with the challenge of trying to figure out how we could store her supplies in an area in her home-office where the area was directly under her attic door.  She has one of those attic doors that are pulled down from the ceiling so that meant she needed to either move her desk and use a ladder or stand directly on her desk to get up there.  I had the idea of using pegboard and the storage accessories to store her supplies but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how I could do that and still allow for her to access her attic space.  I always strive to store as little as I can on desks because it’s one of the most vulnerable places to leave things.  It’s just so easy to put something on your desk and forget about it until there’s a pile developing.  Besides, a cluttered desk/work area can contribute to stress so keep it cleared as much as possible.  So I was very excited to have found this space online.  It is a combination of different types of boards; magnet, dry-erase, chalkboard, cork and pegboard squares.  It’s a genius place to stick items like receipts/networking cards, write appointment reminders, and store your office supplies OFF OF YOUR DESK.  Just add pieces of your favorite fabric designs and you’ve got an inspiring but functional space.

– Sy

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #4: Create a Space that Inspires You!

Ever just walk into a gorgeous room and become so awestruck by it that you hated to leave?  What about the feeling you get when you see those beautiful room images in the magazines?  You know, the neatly organized and amazing designer décor that excites you.  How about the feeling you get when you enter one of your favorite stores?  Ever notice how the atmosphere tends to lighten your spirit?  The music, the organization of the inventory, the colors… all elements designed to give you a positive experience while you are in the space.  All designed to make you want to be there so that you’ll want to keep coming back.  Today’s tip deals with the importance of setting a positive, desirable atmosphere in conjunction with your newly organized home-based business space.  For me, home-based business organizing is more than just “putting things in its proper place” (by the way, that statement should not imply that the “proper place” is a specific place for certain things because we understand that everyone does not think  or work the same way.).  Your home-based business space should be orderly and neat but there’s another component that should resonate there also – inspiration.  We all need to be reminded of why we decided to go into business in the first place, especially in times when things don’t seem to go too well.  It helps to get that daily shot of motivation from things that provoke positive thoughts and experiences.

Positive thoughts and experiences stem from a number of things.  Think about the goals you have personally and professionally.  What about that cute drawing from your four-year-old, telling you how much he loves and appreciates everything you do (… in his own way, of course.)?  What about the promotions you’ve earned from the number of new team members you’ve recruited last year?  How about that first dollar from the very first sale you made?  Is there a dream home in your future?  Don’t they excite you and drive you to do whatever it takes to keep going?  Even a fresh wall color or those new storage totes you saw the other day may be enough to keep a smile on your face throughout the workday.  After all, you spend a good deal of your day in your home-based business space so why not use it to your full advantage.  So how do we incorporate all of these things into our business environment in order to obtain the ultimate, positive work experience?

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #4: Create a Space that Inspires You

The following are a few ideas to help you create a space that will have you coming back for more:

  • Incorporate various elements throughout the space that make you feel empowered, driven, and reminded of “The Why” behind your business.  Things that remind you of how excited you were when you started your business, the accomplishments you made (plaques/awards… special recognitions), the goals you have set (vision boards), your support system (family photos).  These are examples of elements that provoke you to do your best work and identifies your passion for being in business.
  • Consider including elements that symbolize some of your personal interests.  Elements that keep you in a good mental place because they stimulate feelings of joy.
  • Get creative by incorporating some decorating ideas that reflect your particular style – something inviting to you; whether it’s artwork, a new paint color, a specific style of office furniture, certain styles of office supplies, organizing products, shelving, and so on. (Big tip: take some decorating ideas from the brick-and-mortar stores.  After all, their ideas attract us to come in their stores every day, even if it’s just to look.  Also check out how they organize and display their inventory.  This is one of the methods I use when I organize for clients.)
  • Never include elements that have negative experiences attached to them.  Things that stress you or provoke negative thoughts like bills, customer complaints, old break-up letters from a past love, whatever it is, they should be taken care of immediately, disposed of, or properly labeled and stored away until you can address them. The point:  They should be left out of sight.

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #3: Attaaaack! (Go to Work)

“What’s better than a man/woman with a plan?.. The man/woman that executes it.” – Sy Welch

Now it’s time to get down and dirty.  Finally!.. you can let loose and tackle that clutter.  So here’s some things to keep in mind as you’re preparing to take the plunge.


Home-based Business Organizing Tip #3: Go To Work

  • First thing’s first, if you intend to do any painting or repairs at any point, be sure to complete them before you begin doing any work.  (Do you really want to finally get organized just to have to undo the work so you can paint?  Really?!  No, take care of it before you get in too deep.)
  • When you’re sorting through product inventory, don’t forget to create storage areas for things like damaged items, discontinued items, samples/give-aways, and pamphlets/catalogs.
  • Take measurements of the task areas you’ve created within your home-based business space to ensure that the storage furniture and products you have will fit.
  • Be sure to group all items that are needed for each task area together until you are prepared to store them away.
  • Store the most used items at waist to eye level for easier access and to avoid injuries.
  • If you’re an aspiring d.i.y.’er, you may want to consider repurposing some of your items as storage.  It may just take a fresh coat of paint, or some new hardware, or you can create it into a totally new storage solution for something you’ve never considered.  Hey, you’ll earn bragging rights for being so creative and you may save yourself a few dollars in the process.
  • ALWAYS take a few minutes at the end of your business day to tidy up.  Be sure everything is placed back where it needs to go.  Trust me, it may seem harmless to leave that stack of paperwork on the desk or a few inventory products off the shelf until tomorrow but that ant hill can easily turn into a mole hill quickly.  Clutter starts off small then after a couple of busy work days, it just becomes a game of “I’ll get to it”, to “O.K… this weekend.”, to “UUUUgggghhh!”.

Been there… done that… writing a book on it:)

– Sy