Give that elephant his walking papers!.. WAIT!.. after you’ve sorted and labeled them.


So you’re finally ready to get organized.  Tired of feeling overwhelmed with stuff?  Had it with the long-term relationship with the clutter in your home office and product inventory storage?  You know your desk is secretly telling you, “You need to leave this mess!“; while your closet’s like, “yeah!.. stop hiding it.”  It’s time for a break up and on to bigger and better things.  But where do you start?  How do you begin to get everything in order but in a way that works for you and your business?  You need a system.  A REALISTIC system of organization that reflects how you function throughout your space and how you use the items in it.  If there is no established system in place, you’d be better off leaving a key in the door for clutter to make its way back in.

So how do you establish this system?  One of the main keys to keep in mind throughout the organizing process is that you want to tackle one area at a time so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed; so it also applies here.  I am going to share with you tips based on my personal philosophy and process on how you can experience all of the awesome benefits of getting organized and staying organized.  You will then be able to leverage the benefits of organization as the driving force behind the success of your business.  Each day, I’ll walk you through a new, ridiculously simple tip that will show you by putting in the time and effort needed today, you’ll reap the benefits of your labor for the long term.  Yes, sweat equity applies to organizing, too.  Hey… you want to send that elephant packin’, right?  O.k., but it has to be done right.

Until the next post…

– Sy


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