Home-based Business Organizing Tip #1: Talk to yourself… yes, to YOURSELF.

Today, we’ll dive right in and I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.  Your time is very valuable and I know how motivated you are to jump right in but this is very important in order for your organizing efforts to go smoothly.

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #1: Talk to Yourself

First, you need to have a conversation with yourself.  Yes, a conversation with YOURSELF!  When I’m preparing to help a client organize their space, there’s a few key things that I need to know in order to ensure that the new system being created is going to work for them.  I took the same approach when I organized my storage unit.  I sat down and I asked myself, I said, “Self?!” Myself said, “Huh?!” I said, “Can you answer a few questions for me?” Myself said, “Alright… but let’s make it quick.  I have a consult.”  Such a diva!  Anyway, ask yourself very specific questions that will help you determine your home-based business needs, like:

“What specific things do I like about my space(s)?  What specific things don’t I like about my space(s)?  What are my absolute must-haves?  Why is it important for me to get organized right now (the goal)?  What contributed to the clutter in the first place… or what is contributing to it now?  What’s my daily routine?

Asking yourself these types of questions will help you to identify your specific needs.  This information will be particularly important to the rest of your organizing process, especially the planning phase.  So be very specific and honest with your answers because, again, you want to develop a realistic system of organization that will without-a-doubt work for you.

Well, there you have it.  So grab a pen and pad (or your tablet), whatever you use to store your notes.  Make a place setting for two and get comfortable because this may be the best conversation you have this week.

On to Tip #2…

– Sy

HBB organizing Tip #1


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