Home-based Business Organizing Tip #3: Attaaaack! (Go to Work)

“What’s better than a man/woman with a plan?.. The man/woman that executes it.” – Sy Welch

Now it’s time to get down and dirty.  Finally!.. you can let loose and tackle that clutter.  So here’s some things to keep in mind as you’re preparing to take the plunge.


Home-based Business Organizing Tip #3: Go To Work

  • First thing’s first, if you intend to do any painting or repairs at any point, be sure to complete them before you begin doing any work.  (Do you really want to finally get organized just to have to undo the work so you can paint?  Really?!  No, take care of it before you get in too deep.)
  • When you’re sorting through product inventory, don’t forget to create storage areas for things like damaged items, discontinued items, samples/give-aways, and pamphlets/catalogs.
  • Take measurements of the task areas you’ve created within your home-based business space to ensure that the storage furniture and products you have will fit.
  • Be sure to group all items that are needed for each task area together until you are prepared to store them away.
  • Store the most used items at waist to eye level for easier access and to avoid injuries.
  • If you’re an aspiring d.i.y.’er, you may want to consider repurposing some of your items as storage.  It may just take a fresh coat of paint, or some new hardware, or you can create it into a totally new storage solution for something you’ve never considered.  Hey, you’ll earn bragging rights for being so creative and you may save yourself a few dollars in the process.
  • ALWAYS take a few minutes at the end of your business day to tidy up.  Be sure everything is placed back where it needs to go.  Trust me, it may seem harmless to leave that stack of paperwork on the desk or a few inventory products off the shelf until tomorrow but that ant hill can easily turn into a mole hill quickly.  Clutter starts off small then after a couple of busy work days, it just becomes a game of “I’ll get to it”, to “O.K… this weekend.”, to “UUUUgggghhh!”.

Been there… done that… writing a book on it:)

– Sy


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