Home-based Business Organizing Tip #4: Create a Space that Inspires You!

Ever just walk into a gorgeous room and become so awestruck by it that you hated to leave?  What about the feeling you get when you see those beautiful room images in the magazines?  You know, the neatly organized and amazing designer décor that excites you.  How about the feeling you get when you enter one of your favorite stores?  Ever notice how the atmosphere tends to lighten your spirit?  The music, the organization of the inventory, the colors… all elements designed to give you a positive experience while you are in the space.  All designed to make you want to be there so that you’ll want to keep coming back.  Today’s tip deals with the importance of setting a positive, desirable atmosphere in conjunction with your newly organized home-based business space.  For me, home-based business organizing is more than just “putting things in its proper place” (by the way, that statement should not imply that the “proper place” is a specific place for certain things because we understand that everyone does not think  or work the same way.).  Your home-based business space should be orderly and neat but there’s another component that should resonate there also – inspiration.  We all need to be reminded of why we decided to go into business in the first place, especially in times when things don’t seem to go too well.  It helps to get that daily shot of motivation from things that provoke positive thoughts and experiences.

Positive thoughts and experiences stem from a number of things.  Think about the goals you have personally and professionally.  What about that cute drawing from your four-year-old, telling you how much he loves and appreciates everything you do (… in his own way, of course.)?  What about the promotions you’ve earned from the number of new team members you’ve recruited last year?  How about that first dollar from the very first sale you made?  Is there a dream home in your future?  Don’t they excite you and drive you to do whatever it takes to keep going?  Even a fresh wall color or those new storage totes you saw the other day may be enough to keep a smile on your face throughout the workday.  After all, you spend a good deal of your day in your home-based business space so why not use it to your full advantage.  So how do we incorporate all of these things into our business environment in order to obtain the ultimate, positive work experience?

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #4: Create a Space that Inspires You

The following are a few ideas to help you create a space that will have you coming back for more:

  • Incorporate various elements throughout the space that make you feel empowered, driven, and reminded of “The Why” behind your business.  Things that remind you of how excited you were when you started your business, the accomplishments you made (plaques/awards… special recognitions), the goals you have set (vision boards), your support system (family photos).  These are examples of elements that provoke you to do your best work and identifies your passion for being in business.
  • Consider including elements that symbolize some of your personal interests.  Elements that keep you in a good mental place because they stimulate feelings of joy.
  • Get creative by incorporating some decorating ideas that reflect your particular style – something inviting to you; whether it’s artwork, a new paint color, a specific style of office furniture, certain styles of office supplies, organizing products, shelving, and so on. (Big tip: take some decorating ideas from the brick-and-mortar stores.  After all, their ideas attract us to come in their stores every day, even if it’s just to look.  Also check out how they organize and display their inventory.  This is one of the methods I use when I organize for clients.)
  • Never include elements that have negative experiences attached to them.  Things that stress you or provoke negative thoughts like bills, customer complaints, old break-up letters from a past love, whatever it is, they should be taken care of immediately, disposed of, or properly labeled and stored away until you can address them. The point:  They should be left out of sight.

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