The Most clever last minute Christmas shopping gifts…

So my plan was to post a Christmas shopping post earlier this week but due to the circumstances regarding my truck, I did not have time to focus on completing the post by the Monday deadline so I am giving you an abbreviated version of what I had.

So it’s that time of year again!  I always get excited when it comes to giving.  It’s the final week before Christmas so what are some great shopping ideas?  Well I’m one of those people who enjoys giving and receiving unique and fun gifts that also have a practical element to them.  I’ve completed about half of my shopping so in the process of looking, I’ve found some great ideas to satisfy the people on your list:

For the Eco-chic… have a person on your list that has a passion for preserving the planet or a specific cause.  How about a donation on their behalf to a non-profit of their choice? Or what about a homemade gift?  Or how about this…


This wall clock, by, is a great gift option.  It’s made from upcycled computer and bike parts.  An awesome conversation piece, it’s sure to bring a smile and a touch of style.  Hipcycle offers gift certificates so you can also give your giftee an option to choose from one of the many other cool products the site has to offer.

Give the gift of organization to your super-organized loved one…


I thought this dry erase wall decal by WallPops was clever and fun.  Need to write a reminder? Working on that menu for the week?  Any person whose serious about organization will appreciate this.


While you’re at it, check out the Red Hot Dots, also by WallPops.  Organization with a touch of style!


Another great option for the organized person on your list is the Split Stick USB drive by Quirky.  This product is genius! It gives them the ability to separate personal files from business files, all on this double-sided drive stick.  How cool is that?!

For the Fashion/Beauty Guru…


Now this item is one of my favorites.  I wanted to post this one earlier this week when they were available but now they are no longer available but I had to share it anyway.  This is the Shay Geyer’s 3-Pc Hadley box set that was available on  A box set like this is a great decorative option for storing items like clothing, make-up, and accessories.  It is also a nice option for paperwork, files, and office supplies for those who don’t have much desk storage.  So if you can score one, or one like it, then thumbs up.

For the College Student/The person renting a small space…


How about this wall storage option?  These are great options for the dorm room to the apartment.  Die-cut from 100% cardboard, they provide the perfect solution for things like school supplies, tools… all types of personal items.

For the techie…


This is an absolute must-have on my list.  It’s a cord organizer by Cord Buddy.  Your techie will love this item to accommodate all of the devices in their life.  I know I get tired of trying to search for the cords to my phone and tablet on the floor when I’m in the dark or among the many cords in my surge protector.  There’s the option of the Basic Cord organizer, the Sports Pack, and the Lighted organizer (pictured above). It secures yet separates up to three cords while allowing you to locate the organizer while in a dark room.

For the Kiddies… and the Big Kiddies…


These storage heads are great for your little ones who enjoy those tiny little pieces that always manage to end up under your furniture… or your feet (ouch!).

And finally, how about a little something-something for yourself…


I really like this thermal tote by the Thirty-One company.  It’s a great solution for transporting food/drink items to the park with the kids or for a lunch break with a potential client.  You can’t go wrong with this one.  The totes come in a number of different styles.


And finally, treat yourself to more snooze time with this clever and hilarious product by Trademark Global – the Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock.  How fun is this?  Just set your desired wake time with this 12-hour clock and record your wake up message.  But think again if you want to get those extra minutes of sleep.  Set it to hard mode and you’ll have to shoot the target five times to get those extra five minutes.  Luckily, practice makes you perfect in the game mode.

Well, I hope you enjoy any of these clever Christmas items for the people in your life.  I’m sure they’ll be pleasing just as they are useful.

– Sy


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