Update for the week so far…

Hey, guys.  I know that I’ve been M.I.A. so far this week but it’s been quite an interesting one.  This past Sunday evening, on my way to pick my children up after having dinner with friends, my truck caught fire.  However, thank God my family and I got out safely.  As you could imagine, I was in shock but I was just glad that everyone was fine.  Apparently, it was an electrical fire that started in one of my tail lights.  My truck was 13 years old but gave us very little problems.  However, there were no warning signs that prepared us for what happened, so, of course, it was quite a scare as everything unfolded.  The crazy thing is I just finished paying it off earlier this year and I was very comfortable with being car-note free.  Most of the people I’ve told this too says that seems to be the case whenever you pay a vehicle off – you can almost expect something mechanical to go wrong with it.  I’m starting to believe that.  Anyway, thank God for full-coverage insurance so by Monday morning my insurance company had already set me up with a rental car and an adjuster to come out this Friday.  It’s not too bad but I’ll know the verdict by then.  The damage could have definitely been worse but it was still pretty bad (as you can see in the pic below).  It started in the tail light on the driver’s side and quickly developed to flames that spread over to the side of the truck near the gas tank.  I was soooo nervous and prayed that the fire department would get there before any explosion occurred and they did.  The only explosion was when the side window shattered but nothing beyond that.


So that is what’s held my posts up this week but there will be a post following this one as well as one tomorrow and Friday.  Thanks for your patience and if you believe in prayer, send one up for myself and my family.

Until the next post…

– Sy


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