Friday’s Inspired Space for the Home-based Business Owner!


Today’s inspired home-based business space comes by way of  It’s a contemporary office design by Amy Cuker.  One of the main elements of a space, besides organization (a biggie for me), is color.  I am so inspired by bright colors/tones.  Color tends to instantly affect my mood or my spirit in a positive way.  That is why I believe I’ve become so attracted to bright colors over the past couple of years.  Prior to then, you could not pay me to consider anything brighter than a neutral tone.  But I’ve become more open to try new, exciting things.  I’ve noticeably embraced new interests.  I’m not completely certain of what provoked the change but I’m enjoying the ride.  Change can absolutely be a great thing.  Today’s tip… consider incorporating color into your life.  Not only can it brighten up your space but it can brighten your mood throughout your business day.  You’d be pleasantly surprised at how even little accents of color can affect your attitude.  Think about the affect it has on you when you enter one of your favorite retail stores.  The colors, the textures… it’s such a great experience.  So become inspired by color to create a new space for the new year.

Well, guys, enjoy this weekend.  Take it easy out there this weekend as you’re finalizing your Christmas shopping.  Remember the true meaning of the season and prepare for the new year with a new mindset and a newly organized space to match.

– Sy


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