WRITE the vision and MAKE it plain (Vision Board Tips)

Well, it’s that bitter-sweet time yet again where the Christmas decorations are fizzing down… the last celebration glass has been poured… and the final good-byes and hugs have been given to our loved-ones… at least until the next big gathering.  I always hate to see it all go but it’s the perfect ending to what is now considered things of the past and preparation for the new.  It’s a new year… a new opportunity to do something different.  That means embracing that big ‘C’ word… Change.  For the home-based business owner, two specific areas usually come to mind this time of year… getting organized and setting those next set of goals for the year.

Well, whether this is your first time visiting this site or you’ve been following me for the past month, I encourage you to go back and review the tips that I’ve shared so far to help you get on the road to organizing your home-based business space.  Then, stay plugged into even more helpful ideas.  I am so excited!  This year, I have so much more to share with you all specifically in the area of home-based business organization but also in other relative areas.  Like in the area of goal setting for 2014 and how that actually ties into the organizing process.  Yeah.

All entrepreneurs should have specific goals set for themselves to obtain both personally and professionally.  My pastor put it best during a meeting one day when he said we “need to go back to dreaming again”.  Meaning, we need to go back to envisioning the things we want out of life without limits… then go out there and make it happen.  So what does this have to do with organizing my home-based business?”  It has EVERYTHING to do with it.  Up until now, you’ve heard me mention that we need to create an environment that inspires us to the success of our business.  Getting and keeping everything that we need neat and orderly in order to effectively operate throughout our business day contributes to our success.  But another key element of inspiration is “The Why” behind what we do – – our goals or motivations.  As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs, including myself, create a yearly compilation of our goals called, by some, a Dream board, or what I like to call, a Vision board.  Why do I call it a vision board?  For me, a “dream” is just a nice thought; but a “vision” is something placed in you that you actually intend to obtain.  You are basically creating a visual reminder of specific experiences or things that you’d like to have.  Most of the time I find that when I speak my thoughts out aloud, I discover what it is I truly want; so I instantly write them down.  That is the basis for creating a vision board.  You want to determine a clear, specific vision of what you’d like for your life, your business, etc., write them down, and display them as a means to keep going until you achieve those goals.


Today’s post consists of seven quick tips on how you can create a powerful Vision board that will surge your home-based business space into the driven, positive atmosphere that you need it to be. It’s the cherry on top of your best workday yet.

Home-based Business Vision Board Tips:

  1. Never settle!.. Your vision board should reflect your personal style and enthusiasm for the goals you have set for yourself.  So display them in that manner.  This applies to even the types of materials you use to comprise your board.  Whether you enjoy something over-the-top or you appreciate something simple, go for it!  This is your board, your vision.
  2. Think BIG!.. Don’t limit your goals.  Some of my favorite t.v. series are the Crasher shows on HGTV.  The host follows their room makeover recipient to their home and they ask them the million dollar question… “…so what’s the dream room?”.  I love it because it puts that person in a position to see the space they’ve envisioned come to life.  So ask yourself the same question.  Really think!  No matter how impossible someone else, or even you, may think it is.
  3. Be clear!.. Choose images or phrases that illustrate exactly what you want.  Be specific.
  4. Have fun!..  Get creative throughout the entire process.  Poster board is cool but there’s a world of other ways to create a vision board made to inspire (I’ll share some ideas on this later).  Get together with supportive friends or business colleagues and have a vision board party.  Once you’ve all created your boards, you can become accountability partners.  This makes for an even more enjoyable experience.
  5. Every goal created should be YOUR Goals, not someone elses’!..  Self explanatory.
  6. Post your board so that it can be seen regularly!.. Ever notice when you’re watching television or driving in your car that you see and hear the same advertisements multiple times throughout the day, so much that you are provoked to act or you at least end up memorizing and singing the jingles from hearing it so much?  Well it’s the same idea. It’s such an influential marketing strategy. The logic is if you see something enough times on a regular basis, you’ll develop enough interest to move on it.  Your vision board is your goal advertising.  If you display it where you can see your goals regularly, you will provoke yourself to act on them.
  7. Start from the end and work your way to the beginning!..  Yes, once you’ve created your vision board, begin to develop a plan to start working on those goals.  You now have the vision of where you want to be so go from there to determine what steps would be needed to get you started.

… when all is said and done, you’ll have the tools you need to fuel your day… a powerhouse home-based business space with the goals to match and the will to make it happen.

So what’s your vision for 2014?..

– Sy


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