Easy & Practical Ribbon Storage

Hey Guys… here’s a post for my crafters or business owners who need an idea for supply storage, from a fellow blogger and Etsy business owner named Kristen Brown of Home Sweet Life.

Home Sweet Life

With the start of my Etsy store, I’ve accumulated piles of ribbon and nylon webbing. With over 50 designs, varying amounts, and different widths, trying to find one particular ribbon was maddening. Last week I decided I had enough. I was determined to find a solution that was more organized and made me more efficient.

I had browsed online for various ribbon holders. Most ribbon containers were expensive and too narrow or didn’t hold a lot of ribbon. The ceilings are low in my “office” so a wall hanging solution didn’t really work for the space. I saw some awesome furniture options, but the attic-sized opening to get into loft was too small for any furniture. Oh, and a big whammy that hit us over the weekend is that we’re moving in two months (more on that later this week), so I needed something that was easy to move…

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