Round 2!.. The South vs. the Winter Weather Mayhem (Update for the week…)

Hey guys!  I know it’s been a little bit since my last post but, I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve had a ‘round 2’ of unusual winter weather here in the south and this time it came with friends – sleet, rain, ice and, believe it or not, another layer of snow.  I have not experienced a mix like that in years and, boy, was I unprepared for the mess I was going to run in to.  The kids were released early from school, just before the snow began to fall (pretty thick might I add) and we decided to get comfortable.  I had been watching the news all morning in anticipation of what was to come because it was a pretty nice morning but very cold.  Forty-five minutes later it seemed like the sky dropped everywhere.  I’m telling you the atmosphere changed so quickly we couldn’t believe it.  So I was watching everything unfold on the television and decided to call my husband to see how he was doing on the job.  They originally decided to close their doors around 6 that evening but little did they and all of us know how serious it was about to get.  It literally only took 30 minutes before the snow had reached two to three inches while the sleet and rain fell.  Traffic was straight chaotic because everyone was trying to get home at the same time and the road conditions were quickly becoming dangerous.  North Carolina had never seen winter weather to this degree but I must say the state was well prepared and did a great job, in spite of the overwhelming results.  So, shortly after I spoke with my husband the first time, he calls me back and tells me that they were closing within a half hour.  We only have one car at the moment so I came up with the genius idea of “attempting” to go and get him.  Again, I did not realize how serious everything was even on the streets in my area until I actually pulled out onto the main road.  I also did not realize how useless two-wheel drive would be to me on that day because less than a mile down the street my truck gets stuck in the now-five-inch snow.  Oh, I wasn’t the only one.  There were quite a few vehicles sliding and getting trapped in the snow.  There was little to no traction for many people on the road so in the end, we were instructed by the authorities to abandon our vehicles.  So, of course, my husband and I had to walk all the way home.  I never made it to pick him up, by the way, so he walked over seven miles home, while I walked just under a mile down the street.

This was my walk home in the middle of five-inch snow and heavy wind…


So me and my poor husband, with our aching joints and limbs from trekking through the city streets, came home and the only thing we wanted to do was get warm and sleep.  So, yes, we had a very interesting couple of days following, as you could imagine.  And, yes, we are very grateful for the sixty-degree weather we’ve had over the last few days since that winter storm last week.  I did recover my car a couple of days later.  It was safely parked so I wasn’t out of sorts about it.  Besides, IT WASN’T LIKE I COULD GO ANYWHERE! So we just used those following days in doors to prepare for our move into our new home which is now officially six days away.  I am soooo excited!.. all of us.

This move is pretty cool because it’s given me quite a bit to share with all you entrepreneurs needing tips on how you can transition your home-based business for a move or relocation.  Get ready for this series of posts coming over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, my next post should be just as helpful as I’ll be sharing tips on organizing the world of cords in your home-based business space.

Until then… enjoy the weekend, guys!

P.S.  Here’s another pic from my walk during the storm.  Did I mention that I was wearing Crocs, a thin jacket, and a tank shirt?  Two words… Never Again!

– Sy


Product Review! (Home-based Business Organizing)

This week I chose a home-based business space that inspired me to find solutions for storage in a shared space.


There was one particular item in this space that stuck out for me especially since I bought something similar to it a couple of months ago for my home business space.  That item was the rolling file drawers (found under the desk).

I loved them so much that they put me in the mind of a similar product I purchased in December – a rolling cart by Recollections.

Recollections 9-drawer rolling cart

Prior to purchasing this cart, I was in serious need of storage for my business documents and office supplies so when I received a text from my local Michael’s craft store regarding a MAJOR sale on rolling carts, I jumped right on it.  I practically begged my husband to get me one and apparently it worked.  This cart retailed for around $80 and I got it for $29.  Um, yeees, a steal!  With a little assembly and an hour of my time, I got this baby up with very little fuss.  It contained simple instructions, a “tolerable” number of parts, and perfect storage for items such as 8.5 x 11-inch paper, files, tools, office supplies, etc.


Below are the pros and cons of this product based on my personal experience:


It is lightweight but solid (meaning, that it can hold up well and doesn’t come off as being cheap and unreliable).  I saved a lot of money on it from the sale but the quality seems good.  What I didn’t like was how sharp the metal tracks were while I was assembling them.  I cut myself pretty good but, nevertheless, I just knew to be a little more careful from that point out.

I love the wheels on this cart but they also come with breaks.  They snap securely in place to anchor the cart right where you need it.

With this unit, I got nine drawers – 6 smaller, flat drawers and 3 deeper drawers.  They are very durable, spacious, and slightly transparent.  Now, what I did not like was how tough it was to separate the drawers once I got them out of the box.  They seemed to be packed pretty airtight, which I’m sure was for the sake of trying to fit all of the parts into the packaging but, boy, was it a fight.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind during the assembly process:

  1. Be sure the metal drawer tracks are aligned correctly on both sides, especially prior to tightening the screws.
  2. Pay special attention to the instructions on the front of the box as well as in the manual.
  3. Tape the extra screws provided (yes, there is actually extra screws in the pouch) to the inside corner of one of the drawers so that you can identify what they belong to and should you need them down the line.

Well that’s my spill on Recollections’ 9-drawer rolling cart.  Overall, I think this product is great and can fill a range of storage needs in any home-based business and beyond.  I must also mention that I have not been contacted by any of the companies mentioned in this post to do this review.  It was solely constructed by the decision I made to provide it based on my personal experience.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this product, feel free to leave it below.  Don’t forget to repost and/or share.

Until next week, guys, enjoy the weekend!.. and get cracking on those overdue organizing projects.  Get organized, stay organized!

– Sy

Friday’s Inspired Space! (Home-based Business Organizing)

So this week we’ll be switching things up just a little.  I’ve decided to share my inspired space today because there’s a product that I’ve purchased a couple of months ago that was actually inspired by this particular home office.  This inspired space, yet again, comes from Better Homes & Gardens’ website.  There’s so many elements here that I love but since I’ve recently provided tips on working in shared spaces, I thought I’d highlight the topic of storage.  When you are sharing a working space at home with a roommate, spouse or even a business partner, storage can easily become a big deal because you are not only having to account for your items but the person you work next to has to have somewhere to house their important things.  A couple of tips to consider in this case is to utilize the vertical space over your work area for storing items such as binders, computer software, your leadership/business-building books, or to display those awards/achievement plaques that you worked so hard for (pssssst… get that vision board up there).  Another great tip is when you are short on drawer storage (or have none at all), consider attractive storage boxes, a desk-side filing cabinet, or how about a rolling cart.  These are typical great options for files, paperwork, or that overflow of business supplies, especially those small common items, like paper clips, white-out, or the never-ending supply of pens and pencils.  You can save yourself a lot of desk-top space (…and stress) throughout your business day by storing these items out of sight until you actually need to use them.

If you’d like to share some organizing tips that help you throughout your business day, feel free to comment on this post.  And if you feel these tips could help someone you know, feel free to repost or share them on all of your social media platforms.

– Sy

Our North Carolina Winter Wonderland!

I’m sure everyone has heard about the string of unusual winter weather that has swept the South over the past week.  As you can imagine, it caused a bit of a mess because many areas in the South are not equipped for the three plus inches of snow, single-digit temperatures, and bone-chilling wind gusts.  The South has a funny habit of closing towns down just hearing the word ‘snow’.  I guess that should have been the case for the state of Georgia especially.  But this lady right here was very excited!  I felt like a kid on Christmas.  I have lived in North Carolina for nearly 15 years and every year I, literally, have to pray for a white winter.  I was born and raised in New Jersey.  My winters were always blustery, frigid, and in ankle-deep snow.  So when I moved to NC to attend college, it was definitely a change.  To go from twenty degree weather to fifty degree weather in December was a shock to me.  And the summers here?!  Wow!  I have never disliked heat as much as I do now.  So, needless-to-say, I enjoyed my little winter wonderland this past week.  I hated to see it all melt away but a few days is better than none in my opinion.  It was so much fun to see my kids get just as wide-eyed and excited as I had.  They haven’t experienced weather like this very much, if at all.

Anyway, as I had a few days of downtime, due to the weather, I did manage to get a couple of things taken care of as far as organization.  Around this time each year, I always sort through and purge old papers, documents, and bills, especially as I prepare to file my taxes.  But I’m also preparing to move at the end of February so I’m working on a few things to make my transition as smooth as possible (more on that coming on my home-based business relocation series of posts in March).  I also purchased something that I will be featuring as my product of the day, coming up on my next post.  You’ll want to check that out especially if you work in a small space or area in your home or if you’re short on desk storage.

Well, here’s to another successful business week!  Don’t forget to share in the comments about what you did if your area was impacted by the winter weather.

Until the next post…

– Sy