Our North Carolina Winter Wonderland!


I’m sure everyone has heard about the string of unusual winter weather that has swept the South over the past week.  As you can imagine, it caused a bit of a mess because many areas in the South are not equipped for the three plus inches of snow, single-digit temperatures, and bone-chilling wind gusts.  The South has a funny habit of closing towns down just hearing the word ‘snow’.  I guess that should have been the case for the state of Georgia especially.  But this lady right here was very excited!  I felt like a kid on Christmas.  I have lived in North Carolina for nearly 15 years and every year I, literally, have to pray for a white winter.  I was born and raised in New Jersey.  My winters were always blustery, frigid, and in ankle-deep snow.  So when I moved to NC to attend college, it was definitely a change.  To go from twenty degree weather to fifty degree weather in December was a shock to me.  And the summers here?!  Wow!  I have never disliked heat as much as I do now.  So, needless-to-say, I enjoyed my little winter wonderland this past week.  I hated to see it all melt away but a few days is better than none in my opinion.  It was so much fun to see my kids get just as wide-eyed and excited as I had.  They haven’t experienced weather like this very much, if at all.


Anyway, as I had a few days of downtime, due to the weather, I did manage to get a couple of things taken care of as far as organization.  Around this time each year, I always sort through and purge old papers, documents, and bills, especially as I prepare to file my taxes.  But I’m also preparing to move at the end of February so I’m working on a few things to make my transition as smooth as possible (more on that coming on my home-based business relocation series of posts in March).  I also purchased something that I will be featuring as my product of the day, coming up on my next post.  You’ll want to check that out especially if you work in a small space or area in your home or if you’re short on desk storage.

Well, here’s to another successful business week!  Don’t forget to share in the comments about what you did if your area was impacted by the winter weather.


Until the next post…

– Sy


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