Friday’s Inspired Space! (Home-based Business Organizing)

So this week we’ll be switching things up just a little.  I’ve decided to share my inspired space today because there’s a product that I’ve purchased a couple of months ago that was actually inspired by this particular home office.  This inspired space, yet again, comes from Better Homes & Gardens’ website.  There’s so many elements here that I love but since I’ve recently provided tips on working in shared spaces, I thought I’d highlight the topic of storage.  When you are sharing a working space at home with a roommate, spouse or even a business partner, storage can easily become a big deal because you are not only having to account for your items but the person you work next to has to have somewhere to house their important things.  A couple of tips to consider in this case is to utilize the vertical space over your work area for storing items such as binders, computer software, your leadership/business-building books, or to display those awards/achievement plaques that you worked so hard for (pssssst… get that vision board up there).  Another great tip is when you are short on drawer storage (or have none at all), consider attractive storage boxes, a desk-side filing cabinet, or how about a rolling cart.  These are typical great options for files, paperwork, or that overflow of business supplies, especially those small common items, like paper clips, white-out, or the never-ending supply of pens and pencils.  You can save yourself a lot of desk-top space (…and stress) throughout your business day by storing these items out of sight until you actually need to use them.

If you’d like to share some organizing tips that help you throughout your business day, feel free to comment on this post.  And if you feel these tips could help someone you know, feel free to repost or share them on all of your social media platforms.

– Sy


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