How can a mirror, a picture frame and a game board help you organize your work area this summer? (Organizing tips for business professionals and entrepreneurs)


In the 80s, I use to like a show on the CBS network called, MacGyver (… for those of us who remember it).  Although it was fictional, I enjoyed how the main character, Angus MacGyver, would just get common objects around him and create something totally different but functional.  I was a kid but even I knew that it was a genius concept and super cool at that.  So how does the concept of a show from over twenty years ago relate to getting organized?  Well, I’m going to share a few quick tips on how you can “MacGyver” or repurpose a mirror, a picture frame and a game board to help you organize your work area, whether it’s your office at work or at home.

Need something to post friendly reminders to yourself and prevent your desk from becoming a cluttered eye-sore?  How about creating a memo board… out of a mirror.  Why not take it a step further… a magnetic memo board!  Just grab a framed mirror that you really like (or take a short trip to your local thrift store), give it a little TLC by may be adding a coat of paint, swap out the glass with a metal sheet from your local home improvement store, cover it with some fabric, add a few magnets, and there you have it!.. you’ve got yourself a handy (and fancy, I might add) way to temporarily store those reminder notes, networking cards, or shopping lists.  It helps you to keep your desk cleared of the thousands of tiny paper-items we consume on a regular basis and, if you’re like myself, your memo board can be customized to fit the décor in your work area.  Check out a previous post I did on how I used this same concept to create a vision board.

Need a place to discreetly store away and maintain your mobile devices?  What if I told you all it takes is a dual, 8×10 picture frame and a drill? Now, you have a convenient and clever charging station.  Just remove a couple of the templates and the glass from the inside of the frame, carefully drill a hole in the side of the frame where you want to thread your device cords through, and WHAA LAA!  Wanna personalize it even more?  Take one of the templates and glass that was removed from the frame and place it on the top so that you can add your favorite photo.  Be sure to seal the glass down and the edges where the frame slides out in order to secure anything from falling out.

An organized desk usually consists of an area to neatly store your commonly used office supplies, some good lighting, a sorting tray for temporarily storing documents, and an area for your electronic devices or writing.  So keep this space light.  Most of that work surface on your desk is for writing or using your electronics.  How about using a marble game board and repurposing it into a tablet, keyboard, or book prop for your desk?  This is a great option if you don’t have a tablet cover that enables you to angle your device to reduce screen glare, or if you have a desktop keyboard that has a broken prop-up leg, or if you’re reading and would like to prop your book up slightly from the flat position on your desk.  Just open the marble board, placing the actual playing side face-down on the table or surface.  Using batting and fabric material, wrap it around the board and secure it with a hot glue gun.  Allow it to dry and in that little time you have a new prop board for your desk.  When you’re done with it, you can close the board and store it away, increasing your work surface.

BAAAMM!.. you’ve been MACGYVER’ED!!!  Enjoy these quick repurposing tricks to help you get your workstation organized this summer.  Remember to subscribe to this blog for many more tips on how you can evict the elephant in your room.  C’mon back!  We’d love to hear from you.

Until the next post…

– Sy


Happy 4th from!.. and 10 Awesome Travel tips and tricks whether it’s business or pleasure!

The Elephant in My Room_text

Well, hello there, stranger!  I know… but with good reason.  I encourage anyone, especially business professionals/entrepreneurs, to always schedule some much needed down time whether alone or with loved ones.  It is so refreshing and a great way to come back fired up and ready to go.  It is so great.  On that note, it made me think about this coming 4th of July weekend and the vacation season that is upon us.  So I’ve found 10 awesomely helpful tips and tricks to help you rest easier and enjoy your travels whether it’s for business or pleasure.  So let’s jump right in.

  1. As you are planning your trip, be sure to create a handy check-off list of the items you are bringing.  All too many times we have the frustrating experience of forgetting something at the hotel or in a rental car.  Avoid it by taking a little time to create or print out an inventory list that you can tuck away in your luggage.  So when you are preparing to return home, you can check off every item you brought with you to assure you it leaves along with you.  Boom.  Done.
  2. Uh, oh! Let’s say you did leave something… like your cell phone charger.  You check into your hotel room just to find out you forgot your charger at home.  Well, here’s a friendly tip:  Hotels are a notorious place where people leave things, especially phone chargers.  Check with the hotel staff to inquire about an unclaimed phone charger that you could put to good use.
  3. Now, one of my favorite topics, storage.  Need a safer, more sanitary way to store your razor blades during travel?  Here’s a simple and free way to do it with a common item you already have… use a binder clip.  Yes, place a binder clip over your shaving blade.
  4. Jewelry is another commonly left item during travel.  So hold on to your precious goods a little longer by storing them in small storage containers (like the Really Useful Box containers that I mentioned in a previous post) or in a sock tucked away in your luggage, especially one of those lone socks when you just can’t find the other.
  5. Place tissue paper in between the items of clothing in your luggage to reduce wrinkles or place dryer sheets in your luggage for that fresh-out-of-the-dryer scent.
  6. Have a broken suitcase zipper?  Loop one of those souvenir key chains from a previous trip through the slider and there you have it!  As good as done… even better.
  7. So you’re out-and-about at a theme-park with your family or at the gym so you want to pack light… especially cash.  Unfortunately, some things are not accessible with a swipe and it’s equally unfortunate that theft is real.  But you have to carry some form of cash.  A couple of things to consider: a.) carry small amounts of cash at a time or what you absolutely need and b.) invest in a sports bra or undershirt with built-in pockets (ladies… this option beats mom’s old secret bra stash… yeah.)
  8. So you’re sitting at the airport, waiting on your flight, and need access to Wi-Fi? How about free Wi-Fi? Well, in the words of a certain tech company, “There’s an app for that…”.  There’s actually a pretty good app for that from what we hear in JiWire’s free Wi-Fi finder for smartphone users.  It has the ability to locate free networks worldwide.
  9. Speaking of airport apps, how about some travel apps.  Look into apps like TripIt or FlightTrack for flight information and more, as well as, a friendly app for relatives or business partners (especially those who want to avoid the “merry-go-round” trip around the airport to pick you up) called Just Landed.
  10. Finally, before you head out to your flight, always check the current and expected weather conditions for your destinations.  Summer is known to whip up some severe weather conditions and it would save you the trouble to plan ahead.  So it’s worth checking into some weather tracking apps like The Weather Channel or Accuweather.  They are free and offer some great features such as health risk assessments, storm maps, and forecast breakdowns by the hour.

I hope these tips were helpful and if you have some tips that you’d like to share with us, feel free to post them below in the comments.  Enjoy this weekend, everyone, and get ready for new posts to hit your inbox soon.

– Sy