Round 2!.. The South vs. the Winter Weather Mayhem (Update for the week…)

Hey guys!  I know it’s been a little bit since my last post but, I’m sure you’ve heard, we’ve had a ‘round 2’ of unusual winter weather here in the south and this time it came with friends – sleet, rain, ice and, believe it or not, another layer of snow.  I have not experienced a mix like that in years and, boy, was I unprepared for the mess I was going to run in to.  The kids were released early from school, just before the snow began to fall (pretty thick might I add) and we decided to get comfortable.  I had been watching the news all morning in anticipation of what was to come because it was a pretty nice morning but very cold.  Forty-five minutes later it seemed like the sky dropped everywhere.  I’m telling you the atmosphere changed so quickly we couldn’t believe it.  So I was watching everything unfold on the television and decided to call my husband to see how he was doing on the job.  They originally decided to close their doors around 6 that evening but little did they and all of us know how serious it was about to get.  It literally only took 30 minutes before the snow had reached two to three inches while the sleet and rain fell.  Traffic was straight chaotic because everyone was trying to get home at the same time and the road conditions were quickly becoming dangerous.  North Carolina had never seen winter weather to this degree but I must say the state was well prepared and did a great job, in spite of the overwhelming results.  So, shortly after I spoke with my husband the first time, he calls me back and tells me that they were closing within a half hour.  We only have one car at the moment so I came up with the genius idea of “attempting” to go and get him.  Again, I did not realize how serious everything was even on the streets in my area until I actually pulled out onto the main road.  I also did not realize how useless two-wheel drive would be to me on that day because less than a mile down the street my truck gets stuck in the now-five-inch snow.  Oh, I wasn’t the only one.  There were quite a few vehicles sliding and getting trapped in the snow.  There was little to no traction for many people on the road so in the end, we were instructed by the authorities to abandon our vehicles.  So, of course, my husband and I had to walk all the way home.  I never made it to pick him up, by the way, so he walked over seven miles home, while I walked just under a mile down the street.

This was my walk home in the middle of five-inch snow and heavy wind…


So me and my poor husband, with our aching joints and limbs from trekking through the city streets, came home and the only thing we wanted to do was get warm and sleep.  So, yes, we had a very interesting couple of days following, as you could imagine.  And, yes, we are very grateful for the sixty-degree weather we’ve had over the last few days since that winter storm last week.  I did recover my car a couple of days later.  It was safely parked so I wasn’t out of sorts about it.  Besides, IT WASN’T LIKE I COULD GO ANYWHERE! So we just used those following days in doors to prepare for our move into our new home which is now officially six days away.  I am soooo excited!.. all of us.

This move is pretty cool because it’s given me quite a bit to share with all you entrepreneurs needing tips on how you can transition your home-based business for a move or relocation.  Get ready for this series of posts coming over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, my next post should be just as helpful as I’ll be sharing tips on organizing the world of cords in your home-based business space.

Until then… enjoy the weekend, guys!

P.S.  Here’s another pic from my walk during the storm.  Did I mention that I was wearing Crocs, a thin jacket, and a tank shirt?  Two words… Never Again!

– Sy


Our North Carolina Winter Wonderland!

I’m sure everyone has heard about the string of unusual winter weather that has swept the South over the past week.  As you can imagine, it caused a bit of a mess because many areas in the South are not equipped for the three plus inches of snow, single-digit temperatures, and bone-chilling wind gusts.  The South has a funny habit of closing towns down just hearing the word ‘snow’.  I guess that should have been the case for the state of Georgia especially.  But this lady right here was very excited!  I felt like a kid on Christmas.  I have lived in North Carolina for nearly 15 years and every year I, literally, have to pray for a white winter.  I was born and raised in New Jersey.  My winters were always blustery, frigid, and in ankle-deep snow.  So when I moved to NC to attend college, it was definitely a change.  To go from twenty degree weather to fifty degree weather in December was a shock to me.  And the summers here?!  Wow!  I have never disliked heat as much as I do now.  So, needless-to-say, I enjoyed my little winter wonderland this past week.  I hated to see it all melt away but a few days is better than none in my opinion.  It was so much fun to see my kids get just as wide-eyed and excited as I had.  They haven’t experienced weather like this very much, if at all.

Anyway, as I had a few days of downtime, due to the weather, I did manage to get a couple of things taken care of as far as organization.  Around this time each year, I always sort through and purge old papers, documents, and bills, especially as I prepare to file my taxes.  But I’m also preparing to move at the end of February so I’m working on a few things to make my transition as smooth as possible (more on that coming on my home-based business relocation series of posts in March).  I also purchased something that I will be featuring as my product of the day, coming up on my next post.  You’ll want to check that out especially if you work in a small space or area in your home or if you’re short on desk storage.

Well, here’s to another successful business week!  Don’t forget to share in the comments about what you did if your area was impacted by the winter weather.

Until the next post…

– Sy

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #6: Mastering the Art of the Shared Space


Sooo, grasshopper… you want to know what it takes to stay organized while sharing your domain with a not-so-worthy ally?  Discovering that your spouse, roommate, children, or business partner is a double-agent… they may be for you and against you at the same time?  I see your elephant foe has managed to cause discord in your relationships as well.  Wisdom teaches that “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”  My my, what ever will you do?  If you so choose to accept the challenge set before you, you’ll need six key tips to stake claim of your victory and obtain harmony among the brethren:

  1. Set and post a business schedule or sign by the room you’ll be working in.  Choose the time of day when it is most quiet.
  2. Remove distractions during business hours.  This includes your family, friends, the pets, your personal phone, television, etc.  Explain to your loved-ones how important the business is to you and them.  Tell them specifically what they can do to offer their cooperation and support.
  3. When sharing a space with a roommate or business partner, work together to develop a system of organization and maintenance plan that will provide a happy medium for everyone.  Refer back to the previous organizing tips to assist you.
  4. Zone off an area or areas within a shared space in order to create a personal barrier specifically for your business.
  5. Label, label, label!  Label your business items to inform others that they are off limits.
  6. Stay disciplined and committed!  Don’t rob yourself of the time needed to complete each task you have throughout your business day for the sake of hanging out with friends… {clearing my throat} and, yes, this includes online, too.  Never compromise quality work!  Clients/customers notice those things.  Stay on you’re A-game.  You’ll appreciate it much more in the end… and so will your friends when you pick up the tab at the next hangout from that fat check you earned.  Uh, huh!  So discipline and commitment sounds preeeetty good right about now.  Totally worth the sacrifice.

Now that you have the tools you need to overcome the unrest in your territory, go forth, my pupil.  Go forth, peaceably and enjoy the fruits of your labor… together.

– Sy

Friday’s Inspired Space (Home-based Business Organization)

In the spirit of creating boards of our visions, I decided to carry it over into this week’s inspired space.  As if creating a vision board wasn’t enough, how about a vision wall.  Or how about creating extra storage for those notes, stamp booklets, or networking cards.  Taking advantage of the vertical space (wall space) in your home-based business area(s) is the smartest move you can make when getting organized.  You spare yourself the floor or desk space and provide a huge convenience.  I’m sure anyone can appreciate a “grab-n-go” feature near their work area.

Well, here’s to another productive week.  Enjoy the weekend, guys!  Next week, we’ll dig into some tips that I’m sure will be helpful to your family, your business partner, or even a roommate, as we discuss the shared space.

Until then…

– Sy

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #5: It’s MY products and I’ll store them how I want to!

Not everyone works or thinks the same way.  So when it comes to creating an effective storage system for your products, the same understanding applies.  It’s so easy for that intrusive but well-meaning person to come along, pick through your things, and tell you how “all your lipsticks should be put together…” or how “it would make more sense just to put all the men’s products in one area …”.  Yes, but that would be too simple and I deliberately want to make things harder for myself. Nooo!

Home-based Business product inventory

Unless that caring individual has to work with me in that space, they don’t know that it’s not always as simple as putting all of the lipsticks together.  They don’t know that it’s a WORLD of matte lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains, ravishing reds, pretty-in-pinks, naughty nudes… and they are constantly changing.  They don’t understand that orders are not just placed by lipsticks or shoes.  It’s the types of shoes, the types of lipstick.  It’s the type of men’s accessory… is it seasonal?  For what purpose?.. dry or oily skin?  What size?  These are just examples of what needs to be taken in consideration when creating a storage system for your products that will really work for YOU and your business.

Home-based Business Inventory list

Home-based Business Organizing Tip #5 :  Store your products according to what works best for your particular business.

  • First thing’s first, go through your entire inventory and sort through what you have.  Create general categories for your storage area according to what your inventory consists of.  It may be lipsticks, eye liners, blushes.  It may be men’s, women’s, children’s.  It may be candles, flatware, or linens.  Then, create sub-categories based on the types of lipsticks, candles, or children’s items.
  • Purge products that are unsellable or discontinued.  You may consider using the discontinued items as give-aways or thank-you gifts for customers.
  • Take consideration of items that may be temperature-sensitive and store them accordingly.
  • If space is an issue, consider condensing some of your categories or take more advantage of your vertical space by purchasing wall shelving.
  • Use sturdy storage units that will withstand wear-and-tear over a longer period of time.  Consider stretching your dime a little more for a better quality shelving unit.  It’s an investment worth making.
  • Store seasonal or special occasion items further away, while items that sell or are used regularly should be stored in view.
  • Good lighting is as essential in your storage area as it is in your work space.  Concerned about power consumption?  Energy efficient light bulbs are the perfect, cost-effective solution.
  • When labeling your products, be sure to use a font size that is easily visible to you.  It’s enough trying to locate the products themselves, let alone having to struggle with what your label says on the shelf or the container.
  • Keep a log of any items that have specific expiration dates and be sure to store the items with the closest expiration dates toward the front to be sold first.  Keep an inventory tracking log daily so that you know what items may need to be restocked, especially prior to key sale days or events.
  • Finally, be sure to take a few minutes at the end of your business day to do a quick run through your work area and inventory space to make sure everything is placed back in it’s original home.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’re business day is sure to flow as smooooth as butter.

– Sy

Aligning Your Vision with Your Actions

Guys… here is an example of one blogger’s Vision Board party experience. Her name is Jenni Lewis and thanks to a friend, she had the time of her life.
Enjoy the weekend all. In keeping with the Vision Board topic, next week I’ll be sharing one of my personal favorite vision boards to kick off a series of DIY projects for this year. More details to come soon. – Sy

The Life of Jenni Lewis

Listening to one of my good friends and business partners a little over a month ago talk about how much she had grown and how she had a vision board party for her 30th birthday instead partying sparked my interest.  I thought that was an amazing idea.  And since my birthday had just past, I thought this would be a great way to bring some amazing women in my life together to discuss our futures and share our outlooks on life.

I invited my closest friends who are in the metro Detroit area, my business partners and a few family members.  I cooked dinner and bought poster boards, scissors, glue sticks, wine, and gathered some old magazines.  A little music set the mood and my excitement increased upon the arrival of each of my guest.

To read more about vision boards and how to set up a party, please feel…

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The Merriest Christmas and Here’s to a Prosperous New Year!

Christmas 2013 20131129_213409 20131129_213828 20131129_213845 20131129_213910

Hey Guys!  I know it’s late but Merry Christmas!  I had such an amazing Christmas that there are no words for how exciting it was.  I am also so grateful for you, my home-based business family.  I love this time of year because it really humbles and reminds you of the many blessings that has been given us.  Not just in things but the relationships and life experiences.  2013 has been quite a roller coaster but I am sooo grateful for every experience.  I’ve learned so much and I’ve gained just as much.  I began my journey as a new entrepreneur, started my blog, and I’m seeing new changes coming even as the new year is coming in.  Great changes!

As we end this year, I want to encourage you all to take the next step in your business.  Don’t settle for “the dream” or idea of having a prosperous business but claim your success by going out there and doing what you need to do to obtain it.  Go get your vision and make it a reality!  Yes, go back to dreaming again, just as we used to as children.  But you have been given the power to put forth the action.  One of my favorite quotes is, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”.  If you see yourself being whatever that definition of success is, then you can have it.  It’s all up to you.  But “faith without works is dead”… you can have the most brilliant ideas, the strongest drive, or the greatest intent but without the action to go along with it, they could easily go to waste.

So for 2014, write those goals, create a plan of action and make it THE year that you stop talking a good game and live it!  Start 2014 off with a new mindset and an organized lifestyle….

… I’ll be waiting for you at the starting line.

Here’s to a Prosperous 2014 and many new, great home-based business organizing tips coming!

P.S. We’re really enjoying our family’s Christmas gift this year… welcome the new addition!…

Christmas 2013

– Sy