Friday’s Inspired Space (Home-based Business Organizing)


Happy Good Friday, guys!  Today’s post is dedicated to entrepreneurs who need ideas specifically for storing product inventory.  So this is a little something for the distributors of companies like Mary Kay, Scentsy, Thirty-One, Avon, etc. If you have a business that requires you to store product in your home office, or home in general, then this is one of the many solutions that I’m swinging your way.  This awesome space belongs to a fun-loving blogger by the name of Chelsea, owner of Two Twenty One.  She is a very talented creator of home improvement and décor projects so I’ve decided to share her home office as our inspired space for today.

Shelving is everything when it comes to product storage, the more the merrier, in my opinion.  As long as your products are organized and contained well, you can expect to have a smooth transition throughout your workday.  I love how Chelsea utilized a number of creative storage methods within her shelving to not only keep it neat looking but she also incorporated her own personal style touches into the space.  Shelving is great to display your products for easy access and inventory management purposes.  But sometimes the pretty packaging of the products are just not enough for you to put it all out there.  Storage boxes and magazine file boxes would be a handsome solution for entrepreneurs who don’t want to necessarily display their inventory for the sake of compromising the look of their room décor or may be you’d just rather keep the product tucked away.  Floating shelves are another great solution for additional storage of products or supplies for your business (pictured to the left of Chelsea’s shelving unit).  Just group your products by category, label the boxes, and your set.

Well, here’s to a great three-day weekend, an amazingly Good Friday, and a beautiful Resurrection Sunday!  Enjoy it all and if you have an inspiring space that you’d like to share with us, feel free to comment below or visit the About page to contact me.  Why not inspire others to get organized and showcase your home-based business space?!

– Sy


Friday’s Inspired Space (Home-based Business Organizing)

While we are on the topic of moving, let’s take today’s inspired space to the Netherlands.  Marielle, co-owner of, is a stay/work-from-home mom.  Her retail business specializes in women’s apparel so you can imagine the inventory and supplies she needs in order to carry out her day-to-day responsibilities.  Check out her amazingly organized space.  She has created a simple system of organization for all of her items in one zone while taking full advantage of her vertical space (floor-to-ceiling) for storage.  She has a separate work area as well as a sewing station that she managed to locate next to her shelving.  By putting her sewing station near the shelving, it definitely makes it easier to grab what she needs and place it back.  She utilized a wall in a neutral area to be able to see what she needs to display from every area she is working in.  If that wasn’t enough, she cleverly leveraged her storage boxes to display one of her design pieces… um, yeeess!

So for you retail entrepreneurs out there, take notes from Marielle’s space.  She’s proven that you can make the best out of any size space for your home business.

Enjoy the weekend, guys!  More tips on the way…


Friday’s Inspired Space for the Home-based Business Owner!


Today’s inspired home-based business space comes by way of  It’s a contemporary office design by Amy Cuker.  One of the main elements of a space, besides organization (a biggie for me), is color.  I am so inspired by bright colors/tones.  Color tends to instantly affect my mood or my spirit in a positive way.  That is why I believe I’ve become so attracted to bright colors over the past couple of years.  Prior to then, you could not pay me to consider anything brighter than a neutral tone.  But I’ve become more open to try new, exciting things.  I’ve noticeably embraced new interests.  I’m not completely certain of what provoked the change but I’m enjoying the ride.  Change can absolutely be a great thing.  Today’s tip… consider incorporating color into your life.  Not only can it brighten up your space but it can brighten your mood throughout your business day.  You’d be pleasantly surprised at how even little accents of color can affect your attitude.  Think about the affect it has on you when you enter one of your favorite retail stores.  The colors, the textures… it’s such a great experience.  So become inspired by color to create a new space for the new year.

Well, guys, enjoy this weekend.  Take it easy out there this weekend as you’re finalizing your Christmas shopping.  Remember the true meaning of the season and prepare for the new year with a new mindset and a newly organized space to match.

– Sy

Friday’s Inspired Home-based Business Spaces

Happy Friday!  Every week I’ll choose a space related to home-based business that really inspires me and I hope that it will inspire you to conjure up some amazing ideas for your home-based business space.  I’ll highlight some of the great features in each space and provide mini-tips on how you can incorporate them as well.  So enjoy your weekend, guys!  It’s been an awesome week.  I hope that you enjoyed all of tips so far and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Today’s inspired space:

BHG inspired office space

Today’s inspired space comes from Better Homes & Gardens.  It’s a multipurpose work station.  I love this space and used it as inspiration for one of my clients.  I was left with the challenge of trying to figure out how we could store her supplies in an area in her home-office where the area was directly under her attic door.  She has one of those attic doors that are pulled down from the ceiling so that meant she needed to either move her desk and use a ladder or stand directly on her desk to get up there.  I had the idea of using pegboard and the storage accessories to store her supplies but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how I could do that and still allow for her to access her attic space.  I always strive to store as little as I can on desks because it’s one of the most vulnerable places to leave things.  It’s just so easy to put something on your desk and forget about it until there’s a pile developing.  Besides, a cluttered desk/work area can contribute to stress so keep it cleared as much as possible.  So I was very excited to have found this space online.  It is a combination of different types of boards; magnet, dry-erase, chalkboard, cork and pegboard squares.  It’s a genius place to stick items like receipts/networking cards, write appointment reminders, and store your office supplies OFF OF YOUR DESK.  Just add pieces of your favorite fabric designs and you’ve got an inspiring but functional space.

– Sy